Museum Policies

In order to protect the rare materials housed in the Bentley Rare Book Museum for future generations of students and scholars, there are special rules for the use of items from the collection.

  1. Items are to be used in the Bentley Rare Book Museum or the offices of the Department of Archives & Rare Books only.

  2. Patrons will be supervised by department staff at all times.

  3. No food or beverages (including water) are allowed in the Bentley Rare Book Museum or anywhere else that rare materials are used.

  4. Only pencils are allowed in the Bentley Rare Book Museum or while using rare materials. No pens or ink are permitted.

  5. Patrons will be asked to leave their belongings and coats or other outerwear in a secure area while visiting the Bentley Rare Book Museum or using rare materials.

  6. Photography of the room or of items is only allowed with the permission of the curator. Flash photography is prohibited at all times.

  7. The use of cellphones is prohibited during presentations in the Bentley Rare Book Museum.

  8. Patrons are allowed to turn the pages of the books carefully, but are not allowed to lift the book from the foam cradles on which the book rests. If a patron wishes to examine the binding of the book or needs the book to be re-positioned on the cradle, they should ask the Museum staff for assistance.

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