Book Art, Art in Books, Books as Art

In this exhibition the spotlight is on the aesthetics of the book, highlighting, in particular, decorative typefaces and title pages, illustrations, and bindings. Often books are considered in a strictly utilitarian light, as if they were designed only to provide a straightforward narrative or information. However, books can also put one in a certain mood, spur the imagination, and give rewarding tactile and visual experiences.

The elements of type, paper, and ink brought together in book form highlight the craftsmanship, the artistry, and the innovations of printers, typographers, type founders, and graphic designers. Over the centuries since the development of movable type circa 1450, their work has reflected the styles, technology, and economics of their time. Printers and artists were constantly developing new techniques and evolving to satisfy the growing demands for books among ever more literate populations.


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Wild Pilgrimage
Lynd Ward

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