Collecting Areas

The Bentley Rare Book Museum is an important resource for teaching and researching the history of the book, with a focus on the English-speaking world. Our collections development policy allows us to build on our strengths and to add new voices to those already present on our shelves.

Georgia Authors

First editions of important works of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry by Georgia authors to add to our strong collection of first editions of American and English literature while representing the unique cultural heritage of the region.

Fine Press Books

Modern and contemporary fine press publications supplement works by some of the best-known pioneers of modern fine press printing, such as William Morris' Earthly Paradise already held by the Museum.

Cherokee Language Materials

The history of the Cherokee language is intimately connected with the history of North Georgia. We are seeking to share this important part of Georgia history with the students at Kennesaw State University by adding early works printed in the Cherokee language to the collection.

Medieval Manuscript Leaves

Manuscript leaves from the era before the invention of the movable type press in Europe illustrate the diversity of written information in the medieval period. By adding to our collection of approximately 30 leaves, we seek to represent the variety of script and decoration created in different regions and time periods.

Early Printed Books

The Bentley Rare Book Museum collection contains five books printed before 1501 and more than 200 books and periodicals printed in England before 1800, illustrating the development of the printing industry and democratization of information. We are interested in more examples of early printed books in both areas for our collection.

Courtesy of Paul Moxon

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